Linux (Debian) won't recognize ADAPTEC 29160N SCSI disk - Please help

Linux (Debian) won't recognize ADAPTEC 29160N SCSI disk - Please help

Post by Ole NIELSE » Sat, 03 Nov 2001 15:01:39

Dear Linux people!

I am trying to install linux on three PCs.
The installation procedure stops very early because it cannot find the
harddrive which is an ADAPTEC 29160N SCSI disk known to work well under
Windows 2000.
The kernel is 2.4.3 and the distribution is debian 2.2r3 (from Libranet).

The installation then proceeds to ask for a floppy drive containing
'essential' modules.

I have checked every FAQ and HOWTO along with Linux cares reports. All
seem to agree that this particular disk is supported and should install
without problems.

Do I need to setup the bios diffeerntly, maybe ?

I am running out of options, so if someone knows, please give me a hint.



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