Summary/new proposal: comp.os.linux reorganization

Summary/new proposal: comp.os.linux reorganization

Post by Lars Wirzeni » Sat, 26 Jun 1993 00:52:56

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This is a summary of various suggestions and a new proposal for the
comp.os.linux reorganization (this is not exactly an updated RFD).

First, though, about the voting process.  Ian Kluft

Jackson (for more information: please see the flame war of the past
couple of weeks).

The voting should start around the beginning of July, if all goes

I now propose the following groups:

col.development         kernel, library, gcc, networking development,
                        porting, related issues           moderated, verified bug reports, answers to
                        questions from the support mailing list,
                        patches/other fixes for problems
col.sysadmin            installation, system administration                questions and advice
col.misc                renamed from comp.os.linux, other topics that
                        don't fit above (T-shirts, GPL-flames)

and additionally:

col.announce            not touched, remains as before

col.sysadmin and will overlap.  I can live without
col.sysadmin, but am including it in this proposal because there have
been good arguments for it.

col.apps (by whatever name) is gone and folded into col.development.
Or at least the porting issues are.  I still do not see the need for a
_Linux_ specific generic applications group, since there are almost no
Linux specific applications. will be on the CFV if and only if we find a moderator.
If not, cola will continue to serve in its place, as well.  I think
someone volunteered, but I failed to make a note of who and now I
can't find the name.  If that person would please get in contact with
me, I would be grateful.

At least the following groups/names have been suggested during the


I think that the need for any of the above is too small.  They've all
met considerable resistance during the discussion.  


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