Qic-80 Tape Drive, $160

Qic-80 Tape Drive, $160

Post by Todd Serulne » Thu, 24 Jun 1993 09:05:12

* In a message to All, Lawrence Foard said on 06-18-93 at 00:05 :

LF->>I second that; FWIW, the programs that I've seen for the CMS Jumbo
LF->>DOS Multitasking (read "Microsoft Windows") function by disabling
LF->>multitasking during tape read/writes. From what I've seen, Tape
LF->>for DOS is _extremely_ timing-critical; no problem on a
LF->>system, but big probs when you multitask. I expect the same would
LF->>carry over to other operating systems. (also FWIW, I have yet to
see one
LF->>for the CMS Jumbo that ran stably under OS/2 either...)

Ahem... nobody said the CMS driver/program had to run while the system

Suppose someone wrote a program to run under DOS while the system had
only ONE TASK running (no desqview, no windows). This program would be
able to
 READ and WRITE DOS partitions, Linux/Minix partitions, Extended
 Extended2 partitions, Xiafs partitions, and anything else Linux
supports now
 or in the future.

In order to backup, you shutdown Linux and boot under DOS. Then run the
 program which will put your Linux partitions on a QIC-80 tape. Then,

To restore a partition, you first use a Root disk to make the partition
 format it if the partition you are restoring to is non-existent. Then,
boot up
 DOS, run the tape, restore files from the tape, and bring up linux.

Hey, taking down Linux to boot up dos and the tape program is no loss
for me -
 I'd only do it once a week. You could even put the tape program on a
 floppy with the operating system and everything so you don't even need
to have
 a DOS partition to boot from - so long as you don't need to access the
while the tape is in operation.

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1. QIC-80 tape drive, $160

MEI/Micro Center has a cheap QIC-80 tape drive.  They list it for
$160 without software.  Here's an excellent drive to buy, because you
don't have to subsidize the development of DOS software you aren't
going to use.  It is compatible with CMS's backup software,
so I imagine it's compatible with the CMS Jumbo.

Now if only we had a Linux driver for it.  :(

Is the problem a lack of documentation?  Has anyone tried
reverse-engineering the way the DOS programs access the drive?

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