Post by MARIO LAURET » Wed, 07 Apr 1993 06:44:24

I Have a Sound Blaster ver 1.5

When I try to install driver ver 1.5 (driver that comes with window 3.1)
It tell me to upgrade my card first!!!????

Now, I have found new drivers from Creative labs.

But I have problems installing it:

After removing the vsbd.386 (old version that come in windows)
After installing Creative Sound Blaster - MIDI Synthesizer

I try to install Creative Sound Blaster 1.5 Wave...

But when I am in the menu: Add Unlisted or Updated Driver
and double click on this driver, I have this error:

--------------------------Driver Error---------------------------

Cannot load Creative Sound Blaster 1.5 Wave and MIDI driver. The driver file
may be missing. Try installing the driver again, or contact your system

Yes, yes, yes, I have read the README.1st and try every thing!

can somebody help me??

Mario Laureti


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