Win2K/RH 8 Network Share + Internet Share

Win2K/RH 8 Network Share + Internet Share

Post by Sybren Stuve » Thu, 20 Mar 2003 03:11:23

Scott Tribble enlightened us with:

Quote:> I was hoping someone could give me advice on how to set up a network
> between two computers and also have them share an Internet connection.

Google for 'samba' (file & printer sharing) and 'iptables' (firewall &
connection sharing). Also make sure you visit

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1. Help with sharing internet sharing on my win2k box

There are several possible ways to do that. Either use the Win2K
machine as a proxy, or setup NAT and IP Forwarding on it. Then
point the Linux box to be using the Win2K machine as gateway.
You could be using the ICS service as well, though this may be
a bit tricky to setup (it will only work with the local machine's
LAN IP being and nothing else).


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