Frame grabbers for EISA, ISA or VESA local bus

Frame grabbers for EISA, ISA or VESA local bus

Post by Carlos M. Puch » Wed, 09 Jun 1993 05:06:08

[Apologies is this is not the right group to post this]

I am in the process of looking for a B&W frame grabber board for my
486 PC (running linux). I will be writing the device driver for the board.

I am looking for suggestions on the following:

        0) Inexpensive frame grabber for any of VESA Local Bus, EISA or ISA
                busses. It has to be inexpensive, it will be grabbing
                greyscale images off a small (also inexpensive)
                black and white camera that has a resolution of 240 lines.
        1) Any source code for device drivers that may be adapted for this type
                of architecture (486 running Linux).

I am pretty positive there must be some place where they sell these frame
grabbers and are willing to provide some info on how to program them, but
I am not familiar on where to look.

I appreciate very much any and all pointers.

-- Carlos
PS: please, if you post here, send me a message with the info also to make sure I
don't miss any suggestion. Will summarize if there is people interested.


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I am preparing to purchase a video board and want to go with the ATI
Ultra with 1 Meg  on board.  The 8514/a notes that I have say that the
driver for 8514 works with the ATI Ultra *VESA* board.  Is there a
driver for the ATI Ultra ISA or EISA (w/1 Meg)?

If someone is already using this can you tell me exactly what settings
I need?  (i.e., send me an Xconfig file).
(The thing I dread most is using wrong settings, having the
system freeze, being forced to power down to reboot (WITHOUT
synching), not being able to repair the system with fsck, and having
to reinstall the whole thing ONLY to go through the same thing over
and over and over again!!!  That is what I had to do with stupid SCO!)

Thank You,

Dr. John V. Jaskolski



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