RX transfer address mismatch

RX transfer address mismatch

Post by Anthony Iano-Fletch » Thu, 15 Jul 1993 22:01:02

(linux-pl10a) for PCs with ethernet cards in them and this is the first
boot disk I've got to work.

I have one small problem: when the PC is connected to the
(thin)-ethernet I get messages like:

  eth0: RX transfer address mismatch, 0x7d40 (should be) vs. 0x7d48 (actual)

scrolling repeatedly up the screen (2 per second). Does anyone have any
suggestions on what's wrong?

The hard ware is an Ellonex 486 (PC-420X) with an NE-2000 compatible
ethernet card.

                Thanks in adavnce,

                        hopefully, Anthony.

Anthony Iano-Fletcher

telephone:      (0602) 51-4945


1. "eth0: RX transfer address mismatch..." - D-Link woe

Hi, I've just installed the pl15 kernel with my D-Link DE-200+ (NE2000
clone, I think!).  Initially Linux couldn't autodetect the card - then
I commented out the "preliminary check" test in ne.c, which got it
through that bit.  The card still doesn't work though!

Turning on EI_DEBUG gets me a lot of syslog messages along the lines of...

vmunix: eth0: RX transfer address mismatch,0x3904 (expected) vs. 0x3910 (actual).

This sounds like a trivial bug to me, but I'm not feeling brave enough
about Linux kernel hacking to try anything yet!  So, any ideas?!? :-)


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