Going to net-2 from SLS 1.01

Going to net-2 from SLS 1.01

Post by ka.. » Wed, 23 Jun 1993 21:27:10

Hi Netters:

Please help me out or direct me to the right readme places.. rtfm's are
welcome too. I am trying to move from the networking as installed with SLS
1.01 to net-2, because I've done a kernel and gcc update (to resp. 0.99pl10
and 2.4.3).

Problem is, I can't get the networking up. The first boot with the new kernel
came up with warnings, which are caused by /etc/config (something like, old
style requests). So I got the new binaries and stuff for net-2, but a lot of
files are now missing --- the .tar.z file which unpacks to /etc contains a lot
of symbolic links to /conf; which I (yet) don't have.

A readme file for a complete idiot, taking me through the installation process
step by step, would be *very* welcome. I know that this subject has been on
this newsgroup before; e.g., hostname returning (none); which I also have
since my 'old' configuration defines no host for the new net package.

Please help!

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