Linux 0.99p8 (MCC) on Tandy 3800HD laptop

Linux 0.99p8 (MCC) on Tandy 3800HD laptop

Post by Mark Hayt » Fri, 30 Apr 1993 01:18:04

I have another Linux on laptops datapoint.

I have just got Linux 0.99p8 running on my Tandy 3800HD laptop.

Cyrix(TM) Cx486SLC-20MHz
4MB ram
One 3.5" floppy
60MB, 19ms seek hard drive
NO 387 (the machine has a socket for i80387SX-20)
640x480 LCD (VGA)

I had one problem which was that the kernel did not correctly
figure out that there was no 387 fitted, so it died when trying to
work out the error flagging mechanism. 0.99p7 printed a message about
checking the 387 error mechanism before dying, and 0.99p8 reported
that the 386/387 link was dodgy. Fortunately Ian Jackson
(thanks Ian!) was able to make me a kernel with check_x87 patched
to always set no-coprocessor, and everything was fine.

I installed the MCC distribution and some SLS packages (emacs & ispell).
Instaling was a slight problem because I was unable to boot with
the distribution's bootable disc so I lost the installation startup.
Things should be better with the latest MCC release as the disc is
a root disc as well as a boot one (I think the earlier MCC version
uncompressed itself into a ramdisc).

I used the FIPS non-destructive partition splitter to successfully
repartition the hard disc. What a wonderful program!

Im very pleased with linux - thanks to Linus and the whole gang!


Mark Hayter
Cambridge University Computer Lab

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