Tcl/tk question

Tcl/tk question

Post by Markus Kohl » Wed, 28 Jul 1993 21:22:20

Has someone installed the interfacebuilder xf with Linux ? I have the tcl/tk distribution from SLS. xf is working good, but Saving is not possible.

Thanks for any comments



1. RPM/Tcl-Tk Question: Right Upgrade Procedure?

I think I may be screwing up somehow as I attempt to upgrade the
Tk-Tcl packages in RH 4.2 to the latest versions (8.1-1, I think).

Using Glint, should I be doing an INSTALL, or an UPGRADE?  Or does it
matter?  I used INSTALL and ended up with what appears to be both the
new and the old packages installed. This manifests itself when I
attempt to start FileRunner, which fails to run and reports problems
executing the initialization script.

Anyone else run into this? Suggestions?

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 from wasting time."   -Mr. Neil Young

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