X windows is not happy with my mouse ;-(

X windows is not happy with my mouse ;-(

Post by Jeffrey L Newbe » Thu, 11 Jun 1992 09:05:36

i know that a LOT of people have posted problems similar to mine:

logitech mouseman, with 96a kernel, gcc 2.11c, and Xv1.0

everything goes well, but when the inital xterm window is displayed and i
have to click a mouse button to place it, my mouse is useless.  i get no
reaction at all.  i mean at all.  it doen't jump around like some others
have reported, it just sits there, and i have to kill the server.

if anyone knows why this is happening or has a good solution, please post
it here.  hopefully all of the logitech, dexxa, etc problems will be soon

looking forward to an xterm,
jeff newbern


X windows is not happy with my mouse ;-(

Post by Jeffrey L Newbe » Sun, 14 Jun 1992 09:39:45

i finally tracked down a microsoft mouse, and set it up with X windows,
but it didn't work either!  so it was not just having a logitech mouse,
there is something more fundamentally wrong with my setup.

i am using a logitech mouseman, gcc 2.11c, X 1.0, kernel 96a, on a 486

my symptoms are: x starts, windows come up, but mouse gets no response,
the cursor just sits there.

i know there is a serial patch, but don't know any specifics.  could that
have something to do with this?  the following is the output from
stty > /dev/ttys2.  if there is anything wrong with it, let me know.
( i know the baud rate is wrong, but it doesn't help.  i've tried all

jeff newbern

# stty > /dev/ttys2


INTR:   '^C'  QUIT:   '^\'  ERASE:  '^?'  KILL:   '^U'  EOF:    '^A'


----------Control Flags---------


Baud rate: 2400 Bits: CS8

----------Input Flags----------



---------Output Flags---------


Delay modes: CR0 NL0 TAB0 BS0 FF0 VT0

-----------Local Flags---------



rows 25 cols 80