Actix GE32+ 2MB, XS3 & Random Dots

Actix GE32+ 2MB, XS3 & Random Dots

Post by John Zafir » Sun, 16 May 1993 07:17:36

I had posted earlier about a problem I had with the
Actix GE32+ 2MB under XS3.  I would get random clusters
of dots.

The problem turned out to be due to the video card not
the XS3 server.  The problem disappeared when the RAM
chips were cooled.  So I got the card replaced (from CSI
in CO (800)733-9798) without trouble.

The new card works fine and appears to be a slightly new
design.  It also had two banks of 45ns RAM chips wheras  
my original card had one bank of 50ns parts and one of
45ns parts (guess which ones were causing my memory

The XS3 server had nothing to do with the problems I
was experiencing.



1. Boca v.34 & Actix GE32+ upgrade...progress report.

Wednesday I purchased & installed a Boca v.34 modem.  It connected
reliably to 14.4k v.42bis Zyxels, but connections to USR 28.8
v.<everything> were spotty -- fastest was 21.6, slowest was 9.6, with
a couple of connections at 19.2 which resulted in gibberish chars
being received.  After quite a bit of tinkering I discovered the ROM
checksum command reported ERROR.  So, this modem's going back ASAP
Monday.  (Yes, I followed good static-avoidance procedures handling
the board; I handled 2 Digicom modems & 4 video adaptor boards without
hurting them...)

I also installed Actix GraphicsEngine 32+ ISA video adaptors which use
the S3 801 graphics accelerator chip, replacing a Trident 8900C & Oak
1570.  I am quite pleased with the Actix perfromance -- MSWindows runs
noticibly faster, Linux/X is *much* faster.  I got these for $99
ea. plus $8 handling from Kelly at

I was hoping to get the video of my 486DX33 at home running close to
that of my 486DS66 w/ motherboard S3 801 at work.  It's close,
difference is barely perceptable if at all.

The saga continues...
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