C-A-D and AMI BIOS works shutdown

C-A-D and AMI BIOS works shutdown

Post by Epst.. » Thu, 20 Aug 1992 02:47:13

I have a 386 which will fail 100 per cent of the time to C-A-D with
shutdown (admutils-1.1) called as 'halt'.

It works 100 per cent of time as shutdown.

It even works 100 per cent of the time as shutdown -q now

Reading the source, would have thought shutdown -q now equivalent to
halt --- motherboard and AMI BIOS don't think so.

BTW:  reboot fails 100 per cent of the time.

shutdown is the first routine to completely work with AMI NCS BIOS.

C-A-D without executing any of the three, just sync works 10 to 50 per
cent of time depending on kernel from 0.12 thru 0.97pl1.5



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