: Is new FPU emulator being used ?

: Is new FPU emulator being used ?

Post by Rafal Kustra (summer stude » Tue, 03 Nov 1992 11:43:07

I don't know much about kernel/gcc intrisics, so if the
question seems very naive, please respond via e-mail.
Ok, here it goes:
I upgraded to .98pl3, mainly beacause of new FPU emul'n.
Kernel works great (Thanks Linus for your advice on my
TeX problem).
Now I am wondering: do my binaries (which use some math
of course) which were compiled under various versions of
gcc and previus ver of kernel, do they take advantage of
new FPU emulation, or do they use the old one which, I
presume was mostly contained in math lib.
How about staticaly linked ones ?
I run TeX program (only one think of which I am sure uses
math heavly) on same file , with same conditions, twice,
so  it would be in cache, under .97pl4 and .98pl3. Old
kernel took, (on second pass) 1min 4sec, new one took
1min (also on second pass).
Thanks ...


PS: new kernel Image came smaller than .97pl4 one in the
same configuration (no SCSI, only Minix and dos fs, no
tcp/ip). How come ? (not that I am complaining ;) .
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Reuben King
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