SLS 1.02 doesn't detect my Future Domain TMC-1680?

SLS 1.02 doesn't detect my Future Domain TMC-1680?

Post by KiYun R » Thu, 01 Jul 1993 23:19:22

Well, I'm a little disappointed.  I tried to install SLS 1.02 today w/o
success.  The system boots from the boot disk just fine, but Linux
doesn't detect my SCSI setup.  I have a Future Domain TMC-1680 with a
Seagate ST3600N, Tandberg 3600, and Toshiba 3401.  The BIOS on the 1680
is enabled, and everything works fine under both DOS and OS/2.  I have
the impression from the Linux FAQ that the TMC-1680 is supported, so
there must be something peculiar to my setup that prevents detection.
I have both an IDE and a SCSI controller -- could that be it?  I moved
the SCSI controller to IRQ 12 -- does Linux require a specific IRQ?

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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Jersey City, NJ  07302


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I am upgrading (deleting all old stuff and reinstalling) my old linux box to
Slackware 2.2 from InfoMagic (4CD set March 95).  The SCSI kernel on the boot
disk recognizes my Future Domain TMC-1680 card, finds the CD drive; however,
it gives me a message saying "fdomain: selection failed".  It also tells me
that it is seeing this device as sr0.  When I try to mount sr0, the system
tells me that it can't do it.  There is also no sr0 device under /dev.  In the
setup program, it tries to mount the CD Rom drive as SCD0.  Needless to say,
it can't find the drive.

Anyone have any clues.?  TIA. -Rich

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