No X programs work / Need flex or lex

No X programs work / Need flex or lex

Post by Kevin Schroed » Mon, 10 Aug 1992 22:45:33

I have 2 questions to get resolved

        I have caught this thread a couple of times in comp.os.linux but
can't seem to find the messages that say how to resolve the problem.  When
I run xgames programs like xpuzzle or othello, I get the messages
and then the program dies.
At one point, I saw a posting that said the ldd was responsible for the
message but didn't explain why the programs just die afterward.  Is this
a GCC problem?  Is it an X problem?  I have tried compiling my own test
programs with and without shared libraries and /lib/libc.2.2.2 seems
to work just fine.

        My system is
                                486-33 AMI Bios
                                1542A with 4 SCSI drives
                                Linux 0.96c pl-2 (from headrest.woz)
                                X11 V1.1 (from banjo)
                                GCC 2.2.2b (from banjo)
                                4 Meg RAM/8 Meg swap
     I also need to find a copy of flex or lex.  When recompiling the olvwm and
gwm they need to run some files through lex.  Where is the source code or
a binary available?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                                Kevin Schroedel