ghostscript printer driver wanted

ghostscript printer driver wanted

Post by <TSO.. » Thu, 29 Apr 1993 05:22:53

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I am looking for ghostscript drivers for the Apple Imagewriter II.

As soon as my new system arrives, I'll be running Linux. I checked out
the ghostscript stuff that comes in the SLS distribution, but couldn't
find much mention of supported printers, so I grabbed the whole
ghostscript package (not much fun via ftpmail). It doesn't seem that
there is a driver for the imagewriter (because it is commonly associated
with macs?).

I saw mention of a mac port of ghostscript in one of the readme files,
so I wrote to the person responsible. He responded that the mac
port uses mac-specific printer drivers, so that's no help.

Is a unix driver for the IW II available? With dvi2ps and ghostscript I
think I would be all set text-processing-wise.

via mail, but no other access (yet).

Andy Tefft