Upgrading 0.96->0.97

Upgrading 0.96->0.97

Post by David Be » Wed, 12 Aug 1992 16:32:01

        A small simple question. I am currently running 0.96c Linux
and would like to upgrade the kernel to 0.97. I boot from the hard disk
and would appreciate being able to upgrade using a bootimage without
having to recompile the kernel on the system.
        Does anyone have any ideas if this is possible?
        Many thanks for your help.
      /\       David Bell, Diffraction Group

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How do you upgrade the root (a2) disk from an existing (0.96) file
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I tried just running the normal "doinstall PART" but got a bunch of
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was trying to create links. There were some other error messages about
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Bill Mullica

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