Problem report: pl12A serial and dip problems

Problem report: pl12A serial and dip problems

Post by Clifton Ko » Wed, 11 Aug 1993 04:45:17

  I decided to play around with pl12A a bit (downloaded 8-aug from nic.funet)
and had some rather severe problems which caused a rather hasty backout back
to pl11.

  I haven't had a chance to dig deeply into this, but:

  Slip is broken because dip is broken.  The "daemon (0,0)" call in the
p_slip.c module of dip is not putting the program into the background.  If
it's running from a script, dip just exits when the "mode SLIP" command is
hit, causing the modem to drop the connection because DTR is dropped when
dip exits.  If I use interactive mode (dip -t), it just returns to the
command line after the "mode SLIP" command is entered (dip should background
at this point).  Dip works fine under pl11.

[BTW: I have a modified version of DIP that can pick off local or remote
addresses if the server prints them out, and it supports lock file generation
(so it gets along with uugetty_ps).  It's still backwards compatible with the
original DIP.  Let me know if you're interested in the patches.]

  The next problem is still sketchy on info.  I have another pc hooked up
to a serial port off my linux box used essentially as a dumb terminal.  I
had been having some problems with pl11 which often caused the port to lock
up.  Under pl12A, it appeared that when the port locked up, it caused the
entire linux machine to lock up.  I still need to research it a bit, but it
appeared to be a problem with the serial drivers.  Under pl11, the problem
*never* caused the machine to lock up, but it happened twice under pl12A.


    Cliff Koch
    Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Division


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I'm using dip 3.3.7, and am having trouble getting it to communicate.
I have a 2400-baud modem set up on /dev/cua1, and the serial
communications are fine. (I'm using it right now with Kermit to call
a local system and post this message, with no problems at all!)

The dip problem is, although the modem lights flash when I run dip, it
doesn't do anything. I have a feeling some configuration is wrong and
the characters are getting corrupted. I've tried 'dip -t' and stepping
through, and the lights still flash, and nothing still happens.  (I
want it to dial out, ie see the "off hook" light come on, at least!)

My script starts like:

# Set the port and speed
port cua1
speed 2400

# Reset and dial
send ATZ0\r
wait OK 2
if $errlvl != 0 goto error

dial 555-1212
wait CONNECT 45
if $errlvl != 0 goto error


Any ideas?

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