Setting IRQ or Networking with PL12

Setting IRQ or Networking with PL12

Post by Dariusz D » Sat, 21 Aug 1993 05:36:06


I've just started with Linux downloading SLS 1.03.
When /etc/ performs:

  route add

I receive an error message:  

  SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

After verifying all (hope) /etc files concerned, I've taken closer look
at the screen messages appearing during system start.

Among other lines I've found:

  plip0: configured for parallel port at 0x3bc, IRQ 5.
  plip1: configured for parallel port at 0x378, IRQ 7.
  plip2: configured for parallel port at 0x278, IRQ 2.

and below:

  eth0: WD8003-old using IRQ 9 with shared memory at 0x80000-0x81fff

My ether card is WD8003 compatible (tested previously with PC-NFS) and
may be set up for interrupts range 2-7. Currently it is preset for IRQ 5.

  1. As I cannot change setting to IRQ 9, should I recompile the kernel?
  2. Is IRQ 9 above a result of some kind of autoIRQ or the driver was forced
     to this interrupt number and I should force it now to IRQ 5 (for example)
  3. What about plip using my preferred IRQ 5 - how to disable or change it's
     setting? And also what about IRQ 2, why plip uses it while there is
     a 8259 cascade (IMHO)?

Somebody can say: try it!   No way - some header files are missing in
latest SLS distribution. Up to now I'm aware of stdarg.h and float.h.
I don't know more as `make dep' do not want to go further.

Another thing: stddef.h is not visible to `make dep' (gcc) even if I have
famous symbolic links to /usr/src/linux/include/linux and ...asm.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions, hints.

Please answer directly to me. I don't want to oversee the response.