Man doesn't work or need some work from SLS release !!!

Man doesn't work or need some work from SLS release !!!

Post by Chenmin Zha » Sat, 31 Oct 1992 04:20:47

    I have downloaded man related stuff from SLS release.  But I don't
know why I couldn't let it work.  The stuff I got are:

     man.taz  manb.taz  groff,  gtroff, gawk, awk, eqn, /usr/bin/man,
/usr/bin/manpath,  /usr/lib/manpath.config, etc..

   I uncompressed and untared the man.taz and manb.taz and when I run man man,
it gave me: couldn't stat file !
            no manual entry for man

   What does "!" mean in the first line?  I have tried both compress all the
man pages and uncompress them, both gave me same error message.  I suspect
that something wrong in my manpath.config.  Could someone point it out
what's my problem?

   Thank you !



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   I got the man distribution from the SLS release along with the necessary
binaries.  The problem is whenever I so a man of something, nothing is
diplayed!  For example, if I type: man -d bash, it shows me that it finds
the man path, finds the manual page and then say that it is trying the command
zcat /usr/man/cat1/bash1.Z .........., but nothing is displayed.  If I type
the command manually, the man page is displayed.  Is this a problem with the
man program?  Thanks,


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