dumb serial question

dumb serial question

Post by Mark Harr » Tue, 25 May 1993 09:50:44

I'm trying to run a 'term' connection between my PC and a DEC-Station.
If I establish the initial connection using Kermit, then shell out,
everything works but Kermit's intervention slows down things a lot.
If I exit Kermit, the connection (14400 bps modem) is broken.
How can I establish the connection without Kermit?

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Appalachian State University
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I've installed a Belkin F5U102x2 which is a 3 port hub plus serial/parallel.

The kernel recognizes it as:

Yet, when I want to see the serial status I get this error:

Cannot get serial info: Invalid argument

The setserial command seems to work fine with regular UARTS.

Is this suppose to work with USB serial?

This is a RH7.3 stock system.


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