TAMU install vs. RAM shortage

TAMU install vs. RAM shortage

Post by Michael Wayne Po » Sun, 28 Feb 1993 01:03:43

1) since the TAMU install uses a ramdisk, 4MB RAM is needed
   for install, but is this mandatory afterward ?
   (I only have 2MB, but could borrow 2MB more from a
    friend to install with, then operate with just my 2MB)
   *or could I use my other floppy to hold what the ram-disk would*

2) concerning the install, partitioning, and HD space...
   the docs said 40MB needed for base & 65MB if X installed also...
    CAN I add X later on a partition on .. say a 30MB scsi drive ?

All hints appreciated.
AMD 386sxl, AMI "flex-bios", 40MB IDE, 1.2MB & 1.44MB drives...
ST02 (no scsi drive yet), old async card, faxmodem card

The above is not an expression of anyone but myself.


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On a Solaris 2.6 system we've turned priority paging on. As expected, vmstat
and SAR now show much higher scan rates.

In the past, we used the scan rate (>200-300)as an indicator of physical memory
shortage. But with priority paging on that no longer seems a valid indicator.

Is there another value or set of values from SAR / vmstat to show when the
system is suffering from lack of RAM?

Craig Eller

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