Linux re-installation

Linux re-installation

Post by Edward J.M. Colbe » Wed, 13 May 1992 22:34:08

I installed Linux V0.12 on one of my hard drive partitions way back when,
and now I would like to change to pre-0.96 and install the X386 package.

So far, I've used the 0.95c+ bootimage and the 0.95 rootimage to re-do the
directories.  I had used shoelace to strap in the old bootimage, but when
I swapped the old 0.12 bootimage for the new 0.95c+ bootimage, the partition
wouldn't boot.  So now I have to boot from a floppy.  Do I need a new version
of shoelace?

Also, where is the pre-0.96 bootimage, and is there a pre-0.96 rootimage that
I need to install?



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Does anyone have some suggestion for the following question:
I want to be able to backup my current linux system in case of a crash
or misconfiguration.
Now, I have to install Slackware 2.0.0, upgrade to 2.0.30 (kernel and
other things),
upgrade 2.0.35. Configure all programs like DNS, DHCP, sendmail,
backup, internet, samba
and in the future apache, informix, faxserver.
The backup will be stored on another disk or CD (if necessary mounted
over NFS)
Is there some way to backup the whole system and restore it with
booting from a floppy
so that I don't need to reconfigure all the programs.

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