New E-Mail Address For JANA PUBLISHING

New E-Mail Address For JANA PUBLISHING

Post by Jay Ja » Thu, 29 Jul 1993 14:01:39

New  E-Mail Address for JANA Publishing

From now on we have a direct connection to the Internet with a very
relabel feed and yes we are using Linux (But only after spending
countless days & nights :-) ).

Our Domain name is "". At present our connection is dial up.
We should go into a fixed link very soon. We collect our mails every four

Any E-Mail that is sent to the above address will receive an automatic
reply about JANA Publishing and their products.

Any E-Mail that is sent to the above address will receive an automatic
reply about our Bimonthly low cost CD-ROM's for Linux. You will get info
about CD-ROM, Pricing, Shipping dates, Current shipping status, etc, etc.
So if you have any questions send a E-mail to this address ( An empty
E-Mail since no one will be reading it ) first then if you would like

If you would like to place an order then E-Mail you address and payment
information to this E-Mail address.

If you have any other questions, please E-Mail me at the above address.

        During the past few months we suffered some problems on customer
support due to our E-Mail link. This problem was due to our E-Mail feed.
We were using E-Mail service offered by a local BBS (CRS Online ) which
was trying integrated a 100 node Novel network with Unix mail, and they
lost so much of our E-Mail (They had HD crash every week ) and I don't
know how many E-Mail they lost.

        Now we have a direct connection to the Internet with our own
domain name. This link is very reliable and we are running linux as a
mail system. Starting today we should not have any E-mail problems and
all operations should go as we planed.  We have extensively tested our
connection and our mail server.

        I would like to thank each and every  customer who were very
patient with me and my poor E-Mail connections. Since we all are used
to buggy software not much people have complained :-). I am trying to
make this CD-ROM  BBS ready so this CD-ROM can be put on a BBS which
will allow Linux to spread more quickly. Another option I am working on
is to put GNU and X stuff on the CD-ROM.

        Also, I will not be in charge of order taking for the most of the
time. I have hired Chris Lautenbch as our front end man. He will be looking
after file collection and order taking. So when you call us or E-Mail us
most of the time you will be talking to Chris. This will allow me to put more
time into marketing.

Again I thank you all.

JANA Publishing.

PS : If you have received your CD-ROM and not paid, can you please E-Mail me
your name and your credit card # with Expire date or you can fax me this info
to 1-416-538-7820. Please pay us soon so we can pay our bills.