SLS, compilers, and upgrades

SLS, compilers, and upgrades

Post by Christopher R. Moew » Fri, 21 May 1993 15:14:35

I have a series of questions.

1. What version of the gcc/c++ comes with the current SLS distribution, as
   well as what lib version is included.

2. How do I (if need be) upgrade the compiler to the most current release.
   is it just a matter of making the new one with theold one? (this may be a
   dumb question).

3. Is the only form of pascal available the pascal to C converter, or is
   there a regular pascal compiler for linux?

4. Does anyone mind answering dumb questions like this? I just can't find
   the info in any docs/faqs/info.sheets?

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1. Upgrade SLS 0.96 to SLS 0.98

How do you upgrade the root (a2) disk from an existing (0.96) file
system to version 0.98?

I tried just running the normal "doinstall PART" but got a bunch of
error messages saying "file exists" apparently when the install program
was trying to create links. There were some other error messages about
the /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-linux/2.2.2d/cpp program which doesn't exist
on my 0.96 system.

Is there a 'clean' way to do this? I will welcome any suggestions.


Bill Mullica

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