Problem with a2 SLS disk.

Problem with a2 SLS disk.

Post by Philip Danie » Tue, 11 May 1993 00:41:01

Dear all,
        I have recently been trying to install the latest SLS release from
tsx-11, and am having some problems with the a2 disk. Namely, the installation
procedure complains that the bin4, dosemu and image packages are not in gzip
format, and fails to install them. I did set binary mode when downloading, and
I do have all the files for that disk, and it's not a media problem as I have
tried different floppies. The packages _are_ in gzip format because I have
successfully un-gzipped them on the Sparcs at college. So what am I doing
wrong? I presume the files on tsx-11 are not corrupted since nobody else
has mentioned this.

        I have been reading comp.os.linux for the last few days but nobody
seems to have mentioned this, apologies if it has been raised before, but I
have been having my finals over the preceding fortnight, and it is likely that
any relevant articles have expired :-)

        Phil "Just want to get rayshade working again" Daniels.

ps. A response via email would be appreciated.


Brain failure (cerebral coretex dumped)


1. SLS Install Problems: Where is the real a2 installation disk

Hello !

I have some installation problems.

A friend of mine got the newest SLS distribution from a file server
last weekend. I noticed, that there is only one floppy disk imgage
(a1). a2 is a directory containing some compressed tar archives.

I copied the a2 stuff to a DOS-floppy labeled with ``a2''.

When booting a1 I tried to mount the a2 dos floppy.
The Installation terminates with error condition.

Where is the real a2 filesys/utility disk ?

Should I take an older a2 disk ?

Any help would be fine ...

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