Need Red Hat 6.0 installation CDs

Need Red Hat 6.0 installation CDs

Post by evil_basta » Tue, 13 Aug 2002 22:34:24

> I need to get the RH 6.0 CDs (for i386). Can anyone point me to a
> download site that has the ISO images, or to someone who sells them?
> CheapBytes no longer carries 6.0. I tried and failed to download the
> files from several mirror sites, but the download kept getting stuck
> in a loop somewhere in the  /misc/src/trees/initrd directory). A copy
> of the 6.2 installation CD did not work (I'm still investigating why).

> Any info at all would be greatly appreciated.

> Incidentally, it's a long story why I need 6.0, but in a nutshell I
> need to load Linux on an SGI Visual Workstation 320 (no longer
> supported by SGI), and have the installation boot disks for 6.0 with
> the SGI-specific boot loader.

> Thanks,

> Carlos Diez

Try your local bookstore, they may still have copies of Redhat 6.0 for
dummies, or something similar.  They usually include the OS on cds.