XFree386 parameters for Cordata 1414ADE Monitor?

XFree386 parameters for Cordata 1414ADE Monitor?

Post by Wolf Pa » Thu, 03 Jun 1993 22:42:33

If anyone has got a Cordata 1414ADE SVGA monitor working with
XFree386, I would appreciate it if you could send me your XConfig

I am unable to get it to work in 1024x768i mode, although this will
work in DOS/Windows.

My VGA card is a Trident 8900, and XFree386 is running under Linux.

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1. CORDATA CMC1414ADE monitor

I have a CORDATA CMC1414ADE monitor sonce 1992, and it's been a week
that I'm trying to set it up to work with X, but though the X started
the monitor was incapable of showing anything right (it showed garbage).
Unfortunately, I've lost the monitor's manual and cordata hasn't
answered my emails. If anyone has worked with that monitor under X
please let me know how you did it.
Thanx in advance

Athanasios Emilios Arvanitis

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