"talk" won't work on loopback net-2 system

"talk" won't work on loopback net-2 system

Post by Bob Mye » Wed, 28 Jul 1993 00:04:31

I'm trying to use the "talk" command on my home system.  I don't have a network
setup (yet), so all i am currently using is the loop back feature.

However, when I try to execute talk, I get an error message about the network
being unreachable.  yet, I can telnet to localhost. is this problem due to
not having a proper entry in my hosts file?



1. "Talk" or "phone" for System V...

Sorry everybody, but I had to respond to this and our site could not
get a line of this address.

Date: Mon, 6 Apr 87 08:50:45 PST
From: mitchell (Mitchell Lerner)

Subject: Re:  talk/phone for systemV

I know that we archive sources here.  If there is some sort of descriptor
that I could use to see if we allready have it, then let me know what it is.  
Otherwise, I would like to get the sources from you.



Mitchell Lerner
#  {ucbvax,ihnp4,decvax}!trwrb!cadovax!mitchell

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