Network card support for ethernet express (Intel)?

Network card support for ethernet express (Intel)?

Post by Albert C H » Sun, 23 Jan 1994 18:08:41

I have a enternet express card from intel, it comes with the
windows for workgroups startup kit.  Does Linux support?
If yes, where can I find the driver?

Please reply by mail.


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I have an Intel ethernet express card.  I just installed it with linux and the
eexpress driver v .08.  I get about 1-2 RX errors every 10 mins while doing
moderately heavy useage and a whopping 120 TX errors every 200K or so while
puting files on other machines via FTP.  Does anyone know where I can find the
latest eexpress driver or how to fix this problem?  Most of this usage was
under X-windows...


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