FAQ Please ...

FAQ Please ...

Post by H. Mike Ri » Sat, 21 Aug 1993 23:09:42

Sorry ... Over Done Question ..

Where can I get the FAQ for Linux ?

Also ... Where can I get all of Linux ??  Sources and Binaries ...

I just got an OOooold Beatup 386 mother board ... gonna attempt
Linux !


-- rice


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1. FAQ please.

Please reply in e-mail.

Can someone send me a FAQ or text-file about Linux that pertains to new users
and installation of Linux?

Don't tell me to FTP, because usually the files are archived, and I can't deal
with them.

I can't capture from newsgroups, considering I have to telnet to NNTP servers
and operate them manually, so reading a FAQ in there will do no good.


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