XDM with shadow passwd

XDM with shadow passwd

Post by C.N. Richards » Thu, 20 May 1993 22:49:32

I have got SLS 1.02 and the source for xdm-shadow. I've had a few problems compiling it, since
it includes <net/if.h> which (on SLS 1.02) is a file containing :
#include <linux/if.h>
which does not exist. The xdm which comes with SLS, is (strangely) not compiled for shadow passwds.
I would also like to try running some sessions from an X-Terminal, which broadcasts using XDMCP.
How can I do all this ?



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        We want to run xdm on a heap of Sparcstations (running solaris2.3)
and all this password aging stuff is really usefull as well. Is there a hacked
version of xdm that checks the aging info in the shadow password file? Ideally,
it would ask the user too change their password just like a normal login. Maybe
I'm asking for too much...

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