Mouse Problem: Stops at bottom right

Mouse Problem: Stops at bottom right

Post by Sanjoy Mish » Wed, 03 Nov 1993 22:28:56


  I have installed Linux SLS 1.03 0.99 p1 12a on my PC (Gateway 200 486/33).
  I have a bus version of Logitech mouse connected to it.

  Xconfig looks like:

  BusMouse "/dev/mouse"

  /dev/mouse is linked to /dev/bmouselogitec.

  The problem is that after X comes up (startx), when I try to move the
  mouse, it drags to bottom right corner and stops(dead). However, the
  buttons still respond. Any clue on where I went wrong.

  Thanks to all the help...


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At long last :)  someone actually read my message and didnt post
a knee-jerk response.  :) :) :)

dmiller said:

[ /dev/gpmdata stuff deleted ]

well, that stuff I knew...I said as much in my message.  I was
curious, however, as to why gpm handled the mouse properly, but not
XFree86 or SVGAlib.  now I know.

Thanx much for this mcnugget of info.... -EXACTLY- what I needed to
know.   I tried it (basically uncommenting a #define in psaux.c), and
it worked!

Unfortunately there's one tiny glitch -- it DOES initialized the PS/2
device, but the mouse is SUPER-SENSITIVE!   It's like 3 times the
sensitivity as it was before.   That's easy enough to deal with in
squake, where you can set the sensitivity manually -- but not so in

Well, I looked at the psaux.c code further -- down in the file there's
an #ifdef where the device is actually initialized -- I change a few
parameters, and it's working okay now.

I'm going to fire of a message to the psaux.c maintainer -- perhaps
they can patch it so that initialization, and device sensitivity
parameters (samples/sec, scaling, etc.) are available as option to
the module -- like sound parameters in the late 2.1's.   I dunno how
this would be handled if you weren't using modules though.

Mark Orr

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