using dip for SLIP with dynamically assigned IP

using dip for SLIP with dynamically assigned IP

Post by Uppi » Tue, 22 Jun 1993 11:52:24

I'm dialing into a backbone that will allow me to type SLIP, and
then dynamically assign me an IP address (128.118.25.???).
How do I set up dip to handle such an address?
Since I am assigned the address, and it differs with each dial-in,
I don't think I can use dip's 'local' command in the normal
fashion...and I'm not sure what to use for the 'remote' command (the
IP address of the backbone perhaps?) I used 'local' with my
dummy address (, but couldn't do anything once
hooked up...ifconfig showed sl0 with that address, but that
wasn't the address that the backbone assigned me obviously.
(Any attempts to telnet resulted in network unreachable messages.)
In short, how do I trap the dynamically assigned address.
so that I can do anything?

P.S.  Is dip even the program I should be using to establsh
a SLIP connection?  I'm running 0.99pl10, net-2, lib-4.4.
Is there something else to use?  (Such as kermit in some
fashion?...that seems clumsy)  Or is dip the correct tool for this?

As always, email much appreciated...
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using dip for SLIP with dynamically assigned IP

Post by ChienAn Ch » Tue, 22 Jun 1993 15:32:00

I've been using the SLIP connection for about 3 days now.  I give both local
and remote to the IP address the server assigned to me.  I use dip's
interactive mode to do this. I don't know if this is the proper (best?) way
to do it.  Anyway, it works fine most on my system.  I am thinking about to
modify the dip program to setup SLIP automatically just for my case if this
is the right way to set up SLIP.

I do have a problem though. When I set modem speed to 38400 (with "setserial
/dev/modem spd_hi", I should be getting 57600 (56000?)) and telnet to a host,
sometimes it freezes (no response on screen, typing "dir" for example).  But
every keystroke and response do get through the modem line since the SD and RD
lights flash.  I can start another telnet sessions though.  This did not
happen when I set speed to 19200.  Any idea?



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I am using Linux 2.0.33 with ppp-2.3.5, and I am trying to unravel my
nightmarish network configuration. I used to have my hostname aliased to
the loopback address and everything seemed to work OK. Then I learnt
that this was a "bad thing" and so I tried to correct the issue - anyway
I'd like to resolve my hostname to my REAL IP addres when such a thing
is available. The problem now is that some of the network-aware daemons
such as lpd and pppd are now giving me errors.

lpd is flatly refusing to run - it reads my hostname, can't find an IP
address in the /etc/hosts file to match it and then quits. pppd is
working, but it is also adding strange messages to the syslog such as

Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP

whatever that means - I don't HAVE any ethernet hardware so I don't see
why it is looking for anything remotely ethernet-related.  Sendmail is
also trying to resolve my hostname into an IP address.

There has to be a tidy solution to this - there must be lots of Linux
boxes out there that only network though ppp.
Can anyone help, please?


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