e-mail of a copy of FAQ

e-mail of a copy of FAQ

Post by Pratip Mukherj » Fri, 29 May 1992 02:41:13

I have joined this group recently. I want to read the FAQ before asking any
simple and stupid question. The problem is that due to enormous volume of
posting it has been erased from my site and I may have to wait a long time
to get it. So can someone kindly e-mail me a copy of the most recent FAQ?
Thanks in advance.

e-mail of a copy of FAQ

Post by Kris Kni » Wed, 10 Jun 1992 07:59:38

I as well wish to obtain a copy of the faq, it is not currently at my site.


1. E-Mail E-Mail E-Mail

This has been driving me nutty. I decided to setup a small business with
linux as a file/printer/e-mail/internet server (2 offices, about 10 clients
at each)
I can do all of the rest (file,printing, and internet access) but I am
having a hell of a time understanding linux (unix) e-mail. I have searched
countless how to's but just want to know one thing. How do I do the
Allow 2 offices to send and receive e-mail to each other
Allow each office to send and receive e-mail locally (don't go out to the
internet when you want to send something to the guy in the next cube)
Have a dial up connection retrieve e-mail from an internet POP server, and
deliver it a win95 client when the win95 client requests it.
I'm assuming i need sendmail (or qmail), a pop server, and a ppp connection.
DO i need a DNS server or can I just resolve through hosts file?
Can someone please point me to a good source on the subject of e-mail, or
offer some advice.
Thank You

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