Linux HD install: all most done...

Linux HD install: all most done...

Post by Frank Pikeln » Sun, 28 Jun 1992 01:30:28


I'm at a point where I have modified the bootimage diskette at offset 508 and 509
so as I can boot from diskette and have the hard drive partition used as the
root file system. I would know like to use shoelace to write the partition
boot sector so as I can boot from OS/2 BootManager. I have read the docs, and they
state that I need to:

- move the bootimage file from floppy to /vmlinux

Is this done by mounting /dev/PS0 to a directory then copying the bootimage
file (I'm not sure what it is called) to the root directory of the HD and
calling it 'vmlinux'?

Also in the DOCS it give the output of what happens when the 'laceup /dev/hda2
wini' command is given. My output is the same except for the last line. I'm
missing the 'Root[:]' (what ever it is, I just recall the paper had the Root as
the last line).


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