kernels 2.3+ and RH7/MDK7+

kernels 2.3+ and RH7/MDK7+

Post by Adam Shor » Wed, 10 Jan 2001 20:28:28

I've read that in order to compile the newer kernels with RedHat 7 and above
(and presumably Mandrake too), I'd need to change the compiler used from gcc
to egcs. Is this true? I've had some errors trying to compile kernels
without making any changes, is this likely to be my problem? I've also heard
I'll need the newest kernel utils and all kinds of other *too. Is there
a non-painful way to update my system with all this stuff? All I want to do
is get the 3D support for my ATI video card going. According to the DRI site
I'll need a 2.3 kernel (I forget which), unfortunately it seems that in
order to get the kernel working I'll need to make some changes, and install
yet more new software. Surely a lot of hassle just to get my 3D accelerator
working properly?

Anyone know for certain what needs to be done? Anyone done it? Any tips? Any

Thanks for any info.