SLS 1.01 Disk A2

SLS 1.01 Disk A2

Post by SYSTEM 0PERAT » Tue, 27 Apr 1993 03:45:00

I have just spent many hours ftp'ing the complete SLS 1.01 distribution
package from

Disk A1 is the image, as it was in previous releases.  Disk A2 contains
many files and is not an image like it used to be.  When I ran the
doinstall, it said that disk A2 is not a minix file system, so none of
the files are installed.

What do I need to do to correct this?  I can't run sysinstall on this
disk either because it isn't a minix file system!  The doinstall does
not complete properly as some of the commands it uses are (presumably)
on the A2 disk!!

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Without the image...  No boot disk is made.
Without bin4...       No rm and mv commands at least...

Is it my copy of SLS or its it SLS....


 " Computerized clinic for superior cynics
   who dance to a synthetic band. " - RUSH


 " Computerized clinic for superior cynics
   who dance to a synthetic band. " - RUSH

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