Linux-Activists Digest #160

Linux-Activists Digest #160

Post by mitch.. » Wed, 25 Aug 1993 07:27:31

I'm trying to set up my Linux box to allow ftp and telnet logins. According
to the inet.conf file, inetd is trying to start tcpd. But I don't have an
tcpd! Can somebody tell me where to get it from?

Also for Alexis: the serial-FAQ is at in the
pub/Linux/docs/faqs subdirectory. It's a great FAQ, but the thing that
confuses me is that it says to disable all messages from the modem (E0
and Q1), but then the files say to use


If the messages are disabled, getty will never get the OK. Also, note that
some of the later modems have 2 possible configurations that ATZ can reset
to. You need to make the line ATZn....

I'm using one line as dial-in and dial-out. After much experimenting, I
decided to us uugetty (from the getty_ps pacakge) and set my modem up
to auto answer. So far I can dial in ok and I can dial out using Kermit. If
you need more specific file configurations, e-mail me.

Hope this helps and thanks to the guys for writing all of the documentation!


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Problem: 8 Port Serial Card with one IRQ for all Port does not work any longer
=======  with Linux 0.99.13 (worked with 0.99.10)


I have a strange Problem with my MOXA 8 Port Serial Card - it used to work
fine with 99.10 - all 8 ports were detected automatically without any changes
to the Kernel.

With PL13 the card is not detected at all. I tried to track down the Problem
and compiled the IRQ (9) into the driver. Now the 16450 Chips are found with
correct Adresses.

Since I am able to send out characters on those 8 tty's - but not to *receive*
any, I assume that the problem is with the Linux Interrupt Handler.

Could somebody give me a hint or explain to me what has changed to IRQ
handling since PL10 ?

Thanks in Advance,

Frieder Loeffler (DG1SEK), Allmandring 20c03, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany
                   Phone (voice): 0711-6770638, 07145-7455 (Q)
        Please note that does not exist any longer.

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