Logitec Bus Mouse and /dev/bm

Logitec Bus Mouse and /dev/bm

Post by Kevin Gwara » Thu, 29 Oct 1992 16:29:23

I'm currently running v.98 -- everytime I try to access /dev/bm (in the
case of Xwindows for instance) my system crashes.  Linux recognizes my
bus mouse during boot, and reports it as a logitec (which it is). I've checked
my IRqs, and they are all in correct order, with my bus mouse using
irq 5 and nothing else.  Running mouse gives me a kernel panic, and it is
unable to recover!

Whats going on?!
(SLS version)


1. logitec bus mouse support

Does FreeBSD support an old logitec bus mouse?  I'm
installing FreeBSD 3.2 on my old Linux samba server
even as I type despite the fact that I can find little
or no indication that this old beastie will function
when I'm done.  Let me know whether I should scrape up
an old serial mouse.  There's gotta be one around here

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