*UNIVERSITY DISCOUNT* 383 Meg Seagate Hard Drives *DIRT CHEAP*!!!!!!

*UNIVERSITY DISCOUNT* 383 Meg Seagate Hard Drives *DIRT CHEAP*!!!!!!

Post by John V. Jaskols » Fri, 06 Aug 1993 04:31:49

Numerous people from this newsgroup have asked me to post here whenever I
find an excellent deal on something that might be of interest to the
general Linux community.  I *DO NOT* intend to post items of this sort
regularly here.  Rather, I will usually post *ONLY* in the .forsale
newsgroups.  This is a worthy exception because it is an absolutely
awesome deal.

 (Please note that many people have already bought tape drives
 and CD-ROM drives from me in comp.forsale....
I have a list of testimonies at the end of
 this post.  Also, I can provide anyone with a list of references on demand.)

 Quite a few people have asked me if I can get any other equipment for
 the kind of prices I have been getting the tape drives and the CD-ROM
 drives for.  The most frequently asked for items have been SCSI
 controllers (to go with the tape and CD-ROM drives) and hard drives.
 I am still working on the SCSI controllers (I almost had some *BRAND
 NEW* Adaptec 1542 SCSI controllers for $125 each but my brother sold
 the whole lot of them before I could get any (These regularly go for
 around $250.00)).  To make it up to me he gave me an *EXTREMELY* good
 price on some brand new 383 Meg Seagate SCSI hard drives.

 The description follows:

 I have a few *BRAND NEW* 383 Meg Seagate SCSI hard drives that I acquired at
 a University discount.  These drives went for $450.00 regularly.  I
 will give these 383 Meg drives away to anyone who wants one for $260.00 each
 (THESE ARE BRAND NEW).  Call me immediately if you want one because I
 will give them out on a first come first serve basis and THEY WILL GO
 FAST.  If you think it is too late and they are already gone call anyway
 because your call will put you in line for one if I can get any more. My home
 phone number is (617) 246-3634.  My wife's name is Julie and she can take
 down your order info..  I am there in the evenings.  If neither of us
 is there you can leave a message on our machine and I will call you
 within hours of your leaving a message.  I will return *ALL* calls.
 If you can't reach me then send me E-mail reserving a drive and
 give me a phone number you can be reached at.
 Now you can afford a decent sized hard drive and *YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PAY

 These are Seagate ST-2383N SCSI Hard Drives.  They were manufactured
 by SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY and they are high quality (University quality)
 drives.  These drives are internal 5 1/4" Half Height Drives.  They
 are vastly superior to most of the non-SCSI hard drives out there.
 They will work with *ANY* SCSI controller.

 These Seagates are brand new, still in the box, and come with
 *EVERYTHING*.  They come with docs, and everything necessary for installation.
 It is a complete package.  When you get your drive you will have all that you
 need to use it.  They are 100% guaranteed for 30 days.  If you get one
 and you don't like the way it matches your wallpaper simply return it
 for your money back *NO QUESTIONS ASKED*!

 I will be shipping out 25 of these in the next week or so.  I need to
 pay the cash up front to my brother. (He is the industrial reseller I
 am getting them from.)  He will acquire them and I will
 ship them out.  One way of doing this would be C.O.D..  However, this
 would require my coming up with over $6500.00 up front and waiting for
 money to come back to me.  Since I cannot do this payment C.O.D. is
 not possible.

 I may be able to take your credit card for these.  My home phone number is
 (617) 246-3634.  You can call me *ANYTIME* up until 2:00 AM seven days
 a week.  My wife, Julie, is home during the day (so she can take your
 order then) and I am home in the evenings.

 I repackaged my Seagate, went to UPS, weighed the package, and found out
 the cost of S&H.  I asked them for worst case S&H in the continental
 U.S. (i.e., California).  S&H with insurance for $350.00 plus tracking
 would cost $10.00 from Boston to California.  That is what I will
 charge everyone for S&H.

 These drives also work perfectly with Linux, BSD, and other Unices for the PC.


 If you are going to pay with a check or money order:

 In order to acquire a Toshiba make your payment or money order for $270.00
 payable to:

 Dr. John V. Jaskolski

 send it to:

 Dr. John V. Jaskolski
 Suite #307
 95 Audubon Rd.
 Wakefield, MA.

 E-MAIL me confirming exactly what you want and in what quantity and
 indicate how much money you sent in your payment.

 Dr. John V. Jaskolski

 P.S.  The Specs follow:

 I am always looking for equipment that is dirt cheap.  I especially
 like prices that are around 50% less than the cheapest price around.
 I decided to go with these since the price is right (You
 can't get 383 Meg SCSI hard drives *ANYWHERE* for $260.00).  They
 provide industry standard performance *AND* they work with everything.
 Also, these drives are *BRAND NEW*! No Non-SCSI hard drive even
 comes close to the quality of these drives.

 These are the specs:

 Condition                         *BRAND NEW*
 Unformatted Capacity              383 Meg
 Formatted Capacity                332 Meg
 Average Access Time                14 ms
 Data Transfer Rate                2.75 Meg/SEC
 Form Factor:                       5 1/2" Half Height
 Buffer                            64Kbyte
                                    SCSI-I: Read Look-Ahead,
                                     Non-Adaptive, Single-Segmented
                                    SCSI-II: Read Look-Ahead, Adaptive,
                                     Multi-Segmented Cache.
 MTBF (power-on hours)              100,000
 Average Sectors Per Track         74
 Tracks                            8827
 Cylinders                         1261
 Heads                             7
 Discs                             4
 Media Type                        Thin Film
 Spindle Speed                     3600
 TPI (Tracks Per Inch)             1459
 BPI (Bits Per Inch)               31674
 Single Track Seek                 3 ms
 Power Requirements                +12V Start-Up (amps) 4.0
                                    +12V Typical  (amps) 1.0
                                    +5V Start-Up (amps)  0.75
                                    +5V Typical (amps)   0.65
 Typical Watts                     16
 Maximum Watts                     58
 Landing Zone (cyl)                AUTO PARK

 They have a 30 day UNCONDITIONAL guarantee.  If you don't like the way
 it matches with your wallpaper you can return it.  If your cat puts peanut
 butter on the heads you can return it for all of your money back *NO
 QUESTIONS ASKED* within 30 days.  

 P.P.S.  E-mail me if you have any questions.  Also, if you are at all
 interested let me know now or when you try later they will almost
 surely be gone.

 *******************TESTIMONIES (and flames) FOLLOW**************************


I can understand the concern that a few people on the net have had
regarding the unbelievably low prices that I have been giving tape
drives and CD-ROM drives away for.  I am in 100% agreement with these
individuals that we can *NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL* when it comes to
purchasing anything with our hard earned money.  In my case, I have
dealt honestly with everyone who has purchased from me and I can
provide a list of individuals who have purchased from me as
references.  If you have *ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS* please feel free to
call me *ANYTIME* (as opposed to flaming me without even talking to me
to get the facts).  My home phone number is (617) 246-3634.  The following
contains testimonies from people who have purchased something from me.

*****TESTIMONIES FOLLOW**********************

From: willi...@herky.cs.uiowa.edu (Kent Williams)
Subject: Re: *UNIVERSITY DISCOUNT* Toshiba CD-ROM Drives *DIRT CHEAP*!!!!!!!!
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1993 13:24:15 GMT
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Nntp-Posting-Host: herky.cs.uiowa.edu
Organization: University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA

From article <21l2vo$...@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu>, by mg...@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu (Charles B. Owen):

> In article <JASKO.93Jul8150...@park.bu.edu> ja...@cns.bu.edu writes:

>>I have a few brand new Toshiba CD-ROM drives that I acquired at a University
>>discount.  These drives went for $450.00 regularly.  I got them

I just received my mint-in-box Toshiba CD-ROM drive in the mail.  I
sent this guy a personal check -- going out on a limb, perhaps, but I can
at least vouch for this particular person's honesty and veracity.

What Jaskolski has done is offered to run credit card orders through his
mother's store, as a convenience to people who are more comfortable ordering
this way.  There is some protection via card companies for botched consumer
orders -- if you order via credit card and get burned, you can complain to
the card company and get the charge reversed.  This is one of the few real
features of using plastic.

I was skeptical of this offer, but I checked it out, (including talking
to John's wife) and took a risk.  In this case, everything worked out fine --
no problem.  But, as always, buyer beware.

And remember, you're just as likely to get burned at a retail outlet as by
mail order.
Kent Williams -- willi...@cs.uiowa.edu Work(626-6700) Home(338-6053)
"Science has come with wonderful ways to cure sick people one at a time,
and to kill healthy people thousands at a time" -- guy on NPR

From: al...@wozzle.linet.org
Newsgroups: misc.forsale.computers.pc-clone
Subject: Re: *UNIVERSITY DISCOUNT* Toshiba CD-ROM Drives *DIRT CHEAP*!!!!!!!!
Date: 23 Jul 93 21:32:39 GMT
Organization: I can't get organized, are you kidding?

I bought a tape drive from John Jaskolski, and he did exactly as he
said he would. And when I found that a SCSI cable for it was about
$100 here in New York City, he went out and bought a cable for me and
sent it to me the very next day. The equipment (an Archive VIPER)
works just fine, and John's been a great help. In my opinion, there's
absolutely no reason to distrust him in any way whatsoever. He's a
good guy, and he's for real.

J. Alan Eldridge (al...@wozzle.linet.org)

Newsgroups: misc.forsale.computers.pc-clone

From: ki...@panix.com (KiYun Roe)
Newsgroups: misc.forsale.computers.pc-clone
Subject: Re: *UNIVERSITY DISCOUNT* Toshiba CD-ROM Drives *DIRT CHEAP*!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 23 Jul 1993 03:13:25 -0400 ...

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*UNIVERSITY DISCOUNT* 383 Meg Seagate Hard Drives *DIRT CHEAP*!!!!!!

Post by Remco Treffko » Fri, 06 Aug 1993 08:45:53

Well, I really appreciate your doing that but...
Even if everybody would like it, it still would be against the intended
use of the net and especially c.o.l.

I believe that your intentions are very altruistic, but by setting an example
you invite people with lesser motives to do the same. So, please pipe it
down a bit?

BTW, what about DAT drives? Any deals?



*UNIVERSITY DISCOUNT* 383 Meg Seagate Hard Drives *DIRT CHEAP*!!!!!!

Post by Wm E. Davidsen » Tue, 10 Aug 1993 09:38:49

| I believe that your intentions are very altruistic, but by setting an example
| you invite people with lesser motives to do the same. So, please pipe it
| down a bit?
| BTW, what about DAT drives? Any deals?

  You toast someone for offering a deal and then ask for some other

  GEM in Boston has DATs for $699, new Pythons. Also the superfast dual
speed CDs for $399.

  Before you ask, area code 617 information has the number, I don't
without putting down a cat and walking down two flights of stairs to get
the card.

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