Problems with X11

Problems with X11

Post by Jason Syd » Tue, 02 Jun 1992 14:35:56

I'm still having problems with X.  The symptoms include the picture
being stable, but not making any sense.  The top 1/2" of the screen
appears as vertical lines, about 2mm thick and 2mm apart.  Then next
4" of the screen, is solid white, while the remaining section of the
screen is like the top section, but the lines, and gaps are a bit
bigger (about 1/4").

I've tried this for all the defaults (as far as I can tell as defaults),
and for any numbers that I calculate for the timings.  I've also tried
many combinations of clocks, for those reported by the clocks program,
by the specifications section of the manual for the video card.  I get
the same result for all.  Even with this screen distortion, there is
however signs of scrolling.

Any assistance would be greatful.  A couple of people suggested a couple
of methods before, but they led to the same result.

I have:
        clone 386-33   8MB memory,
        10MB swap,
        ET-4000AX video card (Vga 4031, 1MB),
        Microsoft Mouse,
        Acer 33 SVGA monitor.

I would dearly love to get this up and running, and as such, any assistance
whatsoever would be appreciated.

Jason Sydun.


1. modem problem and X11 problems

I have a Cyrix 5x86 120mhz cpu with 32mb ram a 2gb IDE Harddrive, IDE
Cdrom, and 3.5" 1.44 floppy a Trident 9440 SVGA Video card, Standard Svga
Monitor, and an AWE 32 Gold Soundcard

I am running Windows 95 and Debian Linux with System Commander handling
boot up menu.

I am another new Win95 user dual booting Linux. I finally get term
installed and configure minicom. but when I exit root to use my user
account the minicom would not come up it gave me the message denied access
to ttyS0 permission denied by root. Please the Docs I have I have not been
able to find what I need to edit to tell root to allow my terminal access
to the modem.

My other problem is in setting up a reliable GUI to work from. I tried X11
and screwed up bad and it froze up at login and I had to reinstall Linux
from scratch.
I would appreciate any help in what is the most stable GUI for my system
and a list of the files needed to run it that won't conflict with my
libraries I need for compiling; tcl42, tcl76, tcl42-dev, tcl76-dev,
tclx76, tclx76-dev

There are packages that I thought I might like but they require the
earlier lib files thus causing conflict. I am new but could not those
packages be brought up to date to the most uptodate lib version or are
tcl74, tcl75, and tcl76 totally different.
If they can be could someone give me an example of how to do it.

Any help will be appreciated.

True life is dull. Fantasy rules!!!

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