DTC 3280 Driver?

DTC 3280 Driver?

Post by David Shoemak » Sat, 28 Aug 1993 03:01:08

I want to use my DTC 3280 scsi card for linux.  Can anyone tell me where
to find drivers and what I would have to do?

  Lost in my own Mind.


1. DTC 3280 SCSI driver success?

I recently purchased a used DTC 3280 SCSI controller.  Though I originally
intended to use it under DOS, I thought I'd see if I could get it to  work
under Linux.  I scanned through the SCSI-HOWTO to find myself confronted
with some discouraging text.  It appears the DTC 3280 is one of the few cards
that will never be supported under Linux.  Has anybody had any luck writing
their own drivers for this card?  Any pointers or suggestions would be quite
helpful (my SCSI expertise is rather limited, but growing).


-Brian Moyle

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