Help: NFS, two computers via serial ports

Help: NFS, two computers via serial ports

Post by Dan Newcom » Fri, 23 Apr 1993 04:37:36

Hi...  As I am graduating soon (and quite possibly losing my
net access for a while :(  I figured I should ask this now
so I can get all kinds of helpful responses :)

When I move home I want to hook my computer, my dad's
computer, and my old PC together.  What I wish to do
is this:

  1) Have the old PC as a terminal via serial port to mine - easy.

  2) Have a simple 3.5" boot disk for my dad's computer that will
     connect to my computer over the serial lines, as I don't have
     any network cards, and then be able to mount my linux drive
     as a NFS partition.

What would I have to do for this?  Just a null modem cable would take
care of the serial ports, right?  But what about the software side of

Dan Newcombe

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I just got  a new laptop-computer and want to transfer a bunch of
files from my old computer to the notebook ...

If I had another desktop computer I would take the old harddisk,
put it into  the new computer and everything would be perfect.

But that doesn't work ;-) So I tried to install dip on both
computers and didnot succeed ...

And YES - I have read the NET3-HOWTO !!! And I didnot find any clue
how to install the slip-server ... My client connects and waits for
the loginpromt that doesn't appear ;-(((

So what could be the solution for my simple problem ????

Two Linux-machines ... one null-modem cable ... a lot of important
files on one computer and an empty harddisk on the second one waiting
to be feeded ...

TIA for your replies

If the SLIP-connection works do I have to install a ftp-Server on
the SLIP-Server as well to transfer the files ??
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