SL/IP Driver for TCP/IP. Wanna help?

SL/IP Driver for TCP/IP. Wanna help?

Post by Cory We » Mon, 10 Aug 1992 03:58:15

        Hello everyone.  I am starting on the SLIP
driver for TCPIP under linux (there are already
drivers for WD8003 and WD7000 cards in the alpha
suite) and was wondering if anyone wanted to help.
You don't have to know anything (I don't) -- just be
willing to learn :-).  Of course, seasoned SLIP
driver programmers are welcome.


1. SLS X wants tcp/ip, tcp/ip won't compile, what now?

After 386BSD 0.1 came out I lost sight of Linux for a while and now
came back for a second look. Got the SLS distribution and installed it
on a Syquest 88MB removable hooked up to an Adaptec 1542. The version
seems to be SLS 0.98.1. The kernel sources wouldn't install on the
first run, because there was a phony symlink called /usr/src/linux in
some archive, which meant that a directory of the same name couldn't
be created. Now I went after X. Got my Xconfig and various dot files
from 386BSD and tried to run X. I got a complaint from the X server
that it couldn't open a TCP/IP socket. DISPLAY was set to :0 and I
tried unix:0, too, but the server still seemed to insist on a TCP/IP
transport. I was in a hurry to get it to work, so I tried including
TCP/IP in the kernel, however some include files seem to be missing in
the SLS distribution.


1. Does XFree86 for Linux REALLY want a TCP/IP transport (that should
be soo much slower than Unix domain sockets or shared memory queues)?

2. Where can I get a TCP/IP distribution that includes all needed

3. What's EFS (just highlights)?

Thanks for your time.

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