IBM PS/2 Mouse, LINUX, and X

IBM PS/2 Mouse, LINUX, and X

Post by Woloschuk David » Tue, 03 Aug 1993 09:00:04

I have the IBM Valuepoint 433DS/S with a 245M hard drive running
SLS Linux 1.02 and would like to get X up and running on it.

One note: When I was first installing Linux, I told the system I was using a
BUS mouse...

Currently, I can start X but cannot get the mouse to work with
it... At best, X will start up, the "xclock" will appear and an "xclock" window
will pop up on screen in it's "wireframe" look.

I tried the FAQ recommendations concerning PS/2 mice and I've tried using
the mconv.c program like so:

  %mknod /dev/psaux c 10 1
  %mkfifo -m 666 /dev/psmouse
  %mconv /dev/psaux /dev/psmouse

and in my Xconfig I have the following (as mentioned by the mconv.c docs):

  Microsoft "/dev/psmouse"

Sometimes, I will get a message along the lines of "cannot open mouse" if
I experiment with different devices ( such as /dev/ttys0 ).

Am I missing some sort quasi-mystical step somewhere here?

How can I tell which device my mouse is connected to?

And on a final note, the file /dev/ttys0 is filled with asci text that
is readable.  It contains what appears to be several error messages
like "cannot read block" and "write error" and the like.... Could this be
the cause of my mouse problem?

Thanks in Advance...