NAME SERVER: Linux on 386, running named

NAME SERVER: Linux on 386, running named

Post by Geoffrey Ha » Fri, 30 Apr 1993 22:56:13

  Hi all,
    My company would like to experiment using a 386 PC, running Linux, as a
named server.  My question to you is which of the various Linux
distributions would be the best to use.  We have already bought the Y***
CD-ROM for general Linux experimentation, but I've been wondering if the
smaller MCC Interim releasewould be our best choice.
    Right now the 386's have only 2 MB of RAM.  All that we'd need is a
TCP-IP and ethernet driver kernel and associated utilities (i.e. no X or
anything else).
    Thanks for any replies (Email me please).


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Can someone please tell me what should I put for these name?

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redhat linux  6.1.  I also have an SMC router to get out to the

I want to setup my linux box to be my web/email/ftp/telnet server with
my registered domain name,

host: c123456-a

SMC router:

linux box:

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<Resolver configuration>
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