kernel 2.4.0-test 7 compilation problem.

kernel 2.4.0-test 7 compilation problem.

Post by The infamous » Sat, 09 Sep 2000 07:52:17

Hi Pete:

>Hi there.

>Anyone started playing with this yet? I'm having a bit of trouble trying
>to get it to compile. It tells me:

<clipped for brevity>

I had terrible difficulties until I did a "make clean" before building.

I then had 100% success and am running the kernel now.

You may want to have a look at the most recent test kernel patches just to
make sure.

Best regards,



1. kernel 2.4.0-test 7 compilation problem.

When you get a new kernel, rule of thumb is to do this:

/usr/src/linux> make mrproper  (This is to clean up the source tree, removes
all .config files, and any dependency files and all object files, thereby
making the environment super clean and all files will be remade.

/usr/src/linux> make menuconfig (or xconfig if you prefer. Then set all the
options you need an none that you don't. It is wise to include software
functionallity you may need, but hardware configs you don't have just make
the kernel bigger than it needs to be.)

/usr/src/linux> make depend (This will make the dependancy files so that the
make doesn't touch anything you don't need.)

/usr/src/linux> make bzImage (or bzlilo or whatever)


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