HD write_intr error

HD write_intr error

Post by Gene Scog » Mon, 17 May 1993 08:45:40

[various stuff about scsi board deleted]
Quote:>HD timeout
>HD-controller reset

>I presume this is a write interrupt error.

>I am using the SLS distribution, which does not give this problem for
>machines with IDE controller cards but for some reason fails when my

Well unfortunately it does give this error with IDE cards.  I'm using
an 80mg conner, and I get this problem from time to time, although it
seems to happen more often when I have a dos file system mounted, even
if I'm not accessing the dos disk.
I have no idea what this REALLY means, but it is not nescisarily a
SCSI problem

Gene E. Scogin


HD write_intr error

Post by John F Ca » Mon, 17 May 1993 10:21:17

The UltraStor 24F doesn't work well in ISA emulation mode.  I've heard
several similar problem reports.



1. "HD: write_intr: status 0x51" error

a similar case was posted a few weeks ago, but i didn't see any

i'm running 0.99 pl12 on a 486/33dx with 2 IDE drives.
along with the above error message i get ones such as:

HD-controller reset
harddisk I/O error
dev 0302, sector 207584
HD: Win-result: status = 0xff
HD: Win-result: error = 0xff
Fatal error (11)

there seems to be no pattern as to when these errors start taking over
my screen.  sometimes i can clear the screen and continue what i was
doing - other times the computer locks up.

-greg warrington

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